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All in house and fieldwork is approached as well as delivered with a PERSON EMPOWERMENT CENTRED focus for their optimum success.

“This is me” Support Groups with separate Men’s and Women’s groups to provide free support where survivors can come along and share what’s current in their walk as a survivor over a cup of tea. We endeavour to provide positive content and forward direction of discussion to allow individuals to walk away feeling more empowered. Each support group provides on-going support and social interaction, beneficial for healing.

Empowered Me Program: Is a combination of workshops focused around personal growth, encouraging independence, building confidence, and becoming empowered as a survivor of child sexual abuse. We incorporate sensory stimulation activities both indoors and outdoors from art therapy, to mindful nature excursions, butterfly enclosures, sensory-specific rooms and more, all beneficial for healing, self-connection, and greater sense of purpose in supporting survivors. The list below are workshops that survivors can choose based on whats most important to them as they walk their journey to empowerment.

• Self Care and Reconnect to you
• Developing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships
• Goal Setting and Future Planning step by step
• Stress Management – prioritisation and self regulation
• Easy Parenting – Pre-baby to teen years
• Positive choices after traumatic and addictive lifestyles
• Cooking, and Eating for Better Health
• Prep to writing your storybook
• Empowered skills to become confident communicators
• Money Management – Less spending more savings

Hear Me ROAR: A program for those who want to find and build their inner roar so that they can tell their story in confidence, with strength, and without fear. This is useful for survivors who may be starting their journey of telling their story but want to tell it not as a victim but as an empowered woman or man.

Drop In Support
for those days when you just need someone to talk to and figure out where to next so you can get back on track

to encourage further breakthrough because we understand it is hard doing it alone

Spiritual Support
optional for anyone wanting support at a different level

Advocacy Support
with reporting abuse, government agency dealings, further education planning, court appointments, filling out forms because we know how overwhelming and long these can be for you.

to agencies, schools, and organizations that complement your goals and choices, who are also aligned with the core values of Meant To Rise and are able to assist you further in your goals.

You Can Achieve

  • Increased Confidence
  • Know more of who you are and what you want
  • Continuous healing
  • Overall Self connection
  • Increased Self Worth
  • Able to better organize and manage things in your life
  • A more Positive Mindset
  • A greater sense of purpose
  • Increased Peace and Calm for mental clarity and improving concentration
  • Expressing yourself more authentically to you
  • A greater love for life beyond the abuse
  • Achieving goals
  • An Overall sense of general wellbeing
  • A Reduction of overwhelm
  • Having Better relationships with your children, partners, and other support networks
  • Opportunity to explore hobbies that you love, what interests you and that you are great at doing, and where to start first.
  • A clearer picture of where you want to go and what you want to do in life
  • Ability to self regulate through simple techniques to help reduce the stress and overwhelm to increase more feel great moments no matter the chaos. Less overwhelm, more balance and knowing how to keep the life you feel best about. For example….how to stay calm when you feel like things are just not going your way and all the wrong buttons are getting pushed and all you want to do is scream aaaahhh!!!!!

All within your reach, and it’s your choice.

Receive guidance from experienced professionals and volunteers at Meant To Rise who are on hand to support you no matter what stage you are at on your journey. Every member, staff, and volunteer are dedicated to supporting you through each step forward, becoming empowered for you first.


Working With You For You

We know you don’t fit in a box and we will never try to put you into one. We tailor your experience by focusing on our unique “Empowerment Centered” approach so that you continue to achieve a breakthrough as you move forward in your goals. Your future is our inspiration.


Are You A Supporter?

Do you support someone who has been sexually abused as a child?
Is your relationship strained due to the effects of the abuse?

Do you struggle trying to figure out how else you can help them?
Do you need someone to talk to because it is just too hard for you to do it on your own?

Want to know more options on what step to take to support the person?

Connect with us today so we can support you. It’s great to know there are options available to help you and your wife, husband, brother, sister, mother, father, friend, child, or co-worker achieve a more peaceful relationship with continuous support during the healing journey and beyond. It does get easier, so please reach out for support today.

  • Drop in support
  • Monthly support group
  • Counselling (on the spot for immediate support)

School Support


There is no greater time than in a child’s early growing years to instill the wisdom of their rights to saying no in protection of their bodies and being unafraid of speaking out and saying yes when something has happened to them regarding their precious bodies.

Our Advocacy through Literacy program is designed to educate children from primary to high school.  We deliver on the following focus points;

  • How to speak up about child sexual abuse
  • Your best friend Brave
  • How to keep safe

Empowering children through education is powerful; together we shall support them so they can achieve the impossible future. 


  • How to identify sexual abuse in the classroom, what action to take, and when.
  • True or False – knowing when it’s a fairytale or the truth
  • Supporting them during the legal processes
  • Keeping your school community educated

For further information or to discuss tailoring a presentation specifically focused on your schools needs, please contact us here.

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