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Support survivors of all ages, genders, and ethnicities who have been sexually abused as children.

CHILDREN under 18 years
  • We provide initial and ongoing support to family members and equip them with information on how they can best support a child who has experienced sexual abuse.
    • Drop in support
    • Monthly support group
    • Counselling (For immediate support)
  •  We can advocate for survivors and supporters during the legal processes to create a no gap support system to ease the overwhelm.
  • Engaged, Excited, and Liberated through Meant To Rise annual Performance and Art Show (running for 9 months of the year). Conducted In a safe, encouraging space for youth, and young adults all expressing themselves, building confidence, and being mentored as each participant does what they love through dancing, rapping, singing, acting, and creating art in any form that promotes positive expression of oneself.

Participants can gain experience around teamwork, commitment to self, inner growth for greater self esteem, and a sense of achievement throughout the program and on performance day.

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Contact us to sign up as a performer, artist, or choreographer.

WOMEN and MEN 18+

  • Drop in support
  • Fortnightly support groups
  • Counselling (For immediate support)
  • Programs

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Meant to Rise offers drop in support, support groups, counselling, referrals, advocacy, workshops, and programs focused on personal growth, and development for survivors and their families/support networks. Our people/survivors and their families/supporters gain skills to achieving and maintaining a sense of wellbeing, greater health, and better relationships.

We fully support “our people” who come from all walks of life, are culturally diverse with so much to offer the world, and present with different needs based on their own experiences.

At Meant To Rise we care for each person and understand that you may have had to face some extremely difficult times and making positive decisions may not have been easy as a result of the sexual abuse. We are here to support your turn around goals for a better life so you can make more positive choices that will benefit you and your loved ones long-term.

We respect your unique needs and are here to listen to what you need most right now, and what you are ready for as you choose from our variety of Empowerment focused services.

Our Vision

To STOP the existence of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. 
To SPEAK empowered and take ACTION all around the world to end the hurt forever. 

Our Mission

To support individuals who have been affected by sexual abuse to strengthen and feel confident within themselves to achieve positive outcomes, gain more peace of mind, and become empowered to identify and manage healthy relationships that benefit themselves, their family, and their community.

Our Commitment

• To act with integrity and in good faith.
• To treat everyone with dignity and respect.
• To Stand united against injustice for justice.
• To Listen intently without judgment and with support.
• Take action as individuals in our community impacting the world.
• To be the loud voice that speaks life and truth resulting in generations of change.

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