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6 Top Tips To Reduce Everyday Overwhelm

Are you finding it hard to concentrate most days? Can’t remember where you put things like your phone, keys, or if you replied to that email or text message from friend last night. Is the frustrating foggy brain making you feel more stressed out and you just can’t seem to keep track of when you’re going or coming? Well here are a few simple tips to help you begin reducing the feeling of “life is all too much for me to handle right now” and start feeling a bit more clarity with less stressed out moments.

Affirmations - Spoken Words Of Truth

In this book I have provided an insight to some of my most favourite truths I have spoken over my life.

You have to work on strengthening it daily, and sometimes all day, especially when you are first getting in to the swing of things. With practice, turning a negative in to a positive will become a habit and before you know it, you’re able to see the brighter side to everything.

Yes, it is possible and yes, you can!

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