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Because I Was AbusedBecause I Was Abused details the life and mindset of a child sexually abused from the age of 5. Surrounded by violence, Romecca shares her reality around growing up in Guam where she became part of a generational cycle of physical, mental, and emotional abuse, surviving it all to tell her truth and share how she overcame each hurt to become the empowered woman she is today.

Founder and President

Romecca Sawers has the unwavering and undeniable passion for supporting survivors of child sexual abuse as well as their families. Equipped with life experience in Child Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence and knowing first hand the side effects of such trauma is part of what makes Meant To Rise a unique experience for others.

Romecca is the Author of Because I was abused, a book entailing the life and mindset of a child sexually abused from the age of 5, and how she became the empowered woman today. An inspirational Speaker with sass, humour, and a gift to deliver real life insight and solutions addressing all topics regarding child sexual abuse, domestic violence, with a sure delivery on self empowerment for overcoming adversity. Romecca has spoken to men and women of all ages and inspires her audience to think outside of the box and becoming empowered again.

Romecca is a Certified Life and Wellness Coach using all personal and professional skills from her educated experiences to passionately support others on their journey of moving forward and becoming empowered after abuse.

Romecca has years of experience in management roles, and has volunteered as a client support worker with the local homeless assistance organization, and as a coordinator for a mentoring program working with families. All skills acquired have been stepping stones towards the building and forming of Meant To Rise that stands firmly for survivors. Romecca is compassionate and connects on a deep level of empathy with survivors and is continuously able to face any challenges to keep with the demands of everyday operations ensuring the best service delivery is provided for “Our People” at Meant To Rise.

In her spare time, Romecca enjoys taking photos of all things nature, leisure walks, cooking, and family time with her two children and her husband who she hopes to leave a legacy behind for them knowing that anything is possible. Their years of unwavering support allows her to now support others through Meant To Rise.


Blair Verrier is a Certified Practising Accountant with over 12 years industry experience.

Blair is the owner of Enrich Bookkeeping Solutions, which she started 2 years ago.

Blair is passionate about helping small business owners grow their businesses through correct financial management. She believes that the answer to any of your financial questions should be at your finger tips and this can only be achieved by having up to date and accurate accounts.

Outside of her Accounting career, Blair is involved in fostering dogs in need while they await their furever homes, which can lead to a hectic house at times as she also has three dogs of her own.

Blair is also involved as an instructor with the Toorbul Pony Club and wants to help encourage younger generations in the sport she loves.

Vice President

Harry Jankovic Is an independent Counselor and an industrial law professional. Equipped with many unique skills gained from his years of professional work, Harry applies his knowledge within Meant To Rise as a board member and advisor.

Holding a passion in his heart to help others, Harry endeavors to meet people right where they are as they walk and breakthrough adversity. Harry has the skills and patience to listen well to others and provide the necessary space and advice for survivor’s young and old.

As a volunteer at the local homeless organization, Harry continues to engage and apply his time and wisdom for the benefit of others experiencing hardship.


Zubeida Ismail-Barker is currently working in the mental health sector as a support worker, Zubeida is at the forefront of meeting the needs of those most traumatized by their past or unable to support themselves due to their mental health.

As Secretary, the skills gained from past work experience in managing multi-million dollar accounts for overseas companies enables Zubeida to be thorough and highly effective in managing difficult, demanding, and stressful situations.

Zubeida enjoys volunteer work especially in the kitchen of organizations supporting those facing adversity out in the community.

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