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Our Sexual Abuse Therapy Offerings

“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives”. – Akshay Dubey

Our healing programs begin with supporting a survivor to rebuild themselves on solid foundations such as self-love and purpose. We focus on developing a healthy mindset and lifestyle to increase confidence, independence and healing from childhood sexual abuse.

Empowered Survivors Support Groups

Our separate mens and womens support groups provide a safe space where social interactions and positive discussions are encouraged to support healing from childhood sexual trauma.

These groups are a space to both receive and give support. Knowing you are not alone is a vital part of the healing process for many people.

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Mentoring, Counselling & Therapy Sessions

Delivered directly by Meant To Rise, our experienced mentors and qualified counsellors assist with healing from childhood sexual abuse. 

All our staff and volunteers provide free support that genuinely honours you as a survivor and encourages you to choose the path to healing that feels right to you. 

In addition to counselling and mentoring we are also able to provide holistic support for healing including Reiki. Reiki is non-invasive and works with energy to bring the body back to balance and harmony so that it can then begin to heal itself. Benefits vary and can affect persons in the physical, mental, emotional, and or spiritual domains.  Some have experienced a sense of calm to their overactive mind, mental clarity, increased energy, restful sleep, easing of aches and pains and more.

A beautiful, relaxing treatment provided as an optional add-on, Reiki can assist with anxiety and rebuilding trust or a feeling of safety.

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Time To Heal Program

This free program helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse to learn how to become the leaders in their own healing journey. You will learn how to manage your emotional and mental wellbeing as well as how to create safe relationships and environments moving forward.

If you often have difficulty trusting, feel unsafe or overwhelmed this course will give you the tools to heal. We believe healing is possible.

The program is broken down into workshops that are a combination of group work, mentoring and counselling. It will include yoga, meditation, reiki/energy balancing work, expressive arts, somatic and sensory approaches. What you take from it all will depend on your place in your own journey.

Our aim with Time to Heal is to not only give you tools, but assure you that you are supported and that you are not alone.

Mental Health First Aid Course

Relevant not only to helping survivors heal from childhood trauma but to all facets of our complex human lives, Mental Health First Aid trains you to better identify persons in your workplace or your life that may need support and what positive action you can take to assist them.

This certification course is available online or face to face in Caboolture, Qld.

Cost: $225 per person   |    Duration: 2 full days

Available monthly or via expression of interest for groups of 4 to 15 participants.

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Childhood Sexual Abuse Trauma Informed Training

Learn How To Best Help Those Who Need It

Learn best practice to support a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. This training discusses:

The lifelong impacts of childhood sexual abuse The lifelong impacts of childhood sexual abuse
What to look out for in a survivor - physical and mental health red flags What to look out for in a survivor - physical and mental health red flags
Practical tips for encouraging healing and managing emotions Practical tips for encouraging healing and managing emotions
How to prevent retraumatisation How to prevent retraumatisation
Where to find available support Where to find available support
What you might expect if healing does not occur What you might expect if healing does not occur
How to look after yourself as a carer or support person How to look after yourself as a carer or support person

Cost: $125 (Face to Face) or $110 (Online)

Duration: 4 hours
This course is run as needed for groups of 1 to 15 participants.


Sound Healing

Provided by one of our healing partners one on one in Caboolture, Qld, sound healing is a deeply restorative and relaxing practice. In a safe and comfortable space you will be immersed in the sounds of multiple instruments gently guiding your busy mind to surrender and presence. 

Duration: 30 minutes    |    Cost: None

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Equine Therapy

Provided by one of our healing partners one on one in Caboolture, Qld, equine therapy focuses on boundaries, self-awareness, relationships, confidence and power of intention.

Working with and around these strong but gentle expertly trained horses, you will step away from the business of everyday life and into the tranquility of their presence providing a safe space for healing to occur. 

Duration: 45 minutes    |    Cost: None

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Youth Expressive Arts Mentoring Group (2022)

Survivors in particular can have difficulty expressing themselves. Youth are also under much pressure at home, school or even on the streets. This fortnightly group helps participants build connections, confidence and self expression. Often also to release their emotions through rap, poetry, drumming, dancing or any other form of self expression release. Participants can also choose to be involved in our group performance if they choose.

Meditation - Gentle and restorative

This popular group will be returning soon on Friday evenings at 5pm. $10 class passes will be available for this face to face group in Caboolture, Qld.

A Meditation recording download of “My Best Day” is also available by MTR Founder Romecca Sawers. $5 donation for unlimited uses. This meditation is specific to encouraging a sense of feeling safe and out of fight or flight mode supporting the nervous system.

Yoga classes and Retreats

New to Meant to Rise we will soon be offering monthly restorative yoga classes. Yoga is well known for bringing people back into their own body and assisting with the release of held emotions.

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