Romecca Sawers
Because I Was Abused

(Based on a “True Story”)

Because I was abused is a book entailing the life and mindset of a child sexually abused from the age of 5. Surrounded and inflicted by violence growing up in Guam where she became part of a generational cycle of physical, mental, and emotional abuse. Romecca truly believes that her survival through it all is so that she can tell her truth and inspire others to speak up and believe that they to can become empowered woman today.

Romecca Sawers

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Part of the proceeds from each book sold will be donated towards

Meant To Rise to provide growth and continuous support to survivors and their families.

What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Michelle Port NY Times Best Selling Author of “Find Yourself”

    Because I Was Abused reads as nonfiction because of the authors style. Which I think helps to detach from it But when you realise that this all happened to a real person and isn't a work of fiction at all it's just completely mind blowing...

  • avatar Niva Sea Editor for MJL Publications

    I feel so privileged to have honor of reading one of the first publications. Romecca is remarkable in telling her story, she was right to write it and you definitely need to read this book if you have ever suffered from Child Sexual Abuse.

  • avatar David Nester CEO of Healing The Past

    Holy heck it ended so positively it made me feel like my life is the pearl of the oyster that is my hands. The final chapters are about how Romecca managed to regain her self worth and get her "shit together" as she colloquially puts it, beautiful and powerful. This is a MUST read!

So What’s The Book About?

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About The Author

Romecca Sawers is the Author of Because I was abused, Living in Caboolture Queensland, Australia with her loving, supportive husband and two children.

Romecca Sawers is the Founder and President of Meant To Rise, a not for profit charity supporting survivors of child sexual abuse, who is confidently equipped with the unwavering and undeniable heart to serve others in their journey to feeling happier and ultimately empowered.

Knowing first hand the side effects of the trauma is part of what makes Meant To Rise a stable, unique and supportive experience.

As a Keynote Speaker Romecca presents with passion to other women, children, teenagers, men, and their families to overcoming adversity and encouraging the break of silence around child sexual abuse, remove the shame and move forward from victim to empowered person. Through sass, humour, and a heart to share her real life experiences, Romecca brings unique insight to survivors, professionals and the public with a strong ability to draw from her experiences to be empathetic and connect on a deeper level with fellow survivors as necessary..

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