Meant To Rise

Supporting Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse.



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Survivors of child sexual abuse need a safe, non-judgmental,

encouraging space where they feel accepted, and understood

and this is what we endeavor to provide at Meant To Rise.


At Meant To Rise, survivors can connect with like-minded people

who are all seeking to feel stronger, are working towards loving

themselves more and living happier lives. Others who also want

to do life with someone who knows what they are going through.


Come along and feel like you belong, where you feel understood,

and never left to feel alone again.

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What People Are Saying

“Meant to Rise is run by a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart. There are, and will be so many lives impacted, and changes by this organization and the astounding works they do. Thank you!”


Director, AG Lifestyle Solutions

“The Director of Meant To Rise is an aspiring women who wants to help those who have been in the same situation as she has and I believe this charity is definitely one that is needed for both men and women to heal through what they have been through! “


Director, Tullawong Properties

“Meant to Rise is more than an organisation, it’s a way to live. Through Meant to Rise you will be encouraged and equipped with tools to overcome life’s obstacles and live with renewed purpose!”


Director, One Salt Water


Romecca Sawers – Caboolture 4510TV Interview

This podcast was created with the help of Caboolture 4015TV.Have something to say about our community? then get in contact with Scott Lachmund @ 4510tv.com If you want to hear the complete interview in its original form,...

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Rock Bottom to Empowered Woman

Rock Bottom to Empowered Woman

Our experiences of sexual abuse that happened when we were little, innocent children will not just affect us during our childhood years, or our teenage years, but also our adult years.  We can become wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and still it...

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